Title Sequences

In addition to our visual effects credits, VCE Films has been responsible for the concept, design and execution of some of the most popular title sequences over the last three decades. Several of those title sequences are highlighted below.

title seq 1 Main Title Sequence for John Carpenter's "The Thing"

Execution includes space ship miniature construction, motion control photography, matte painting and photography of title effects

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title seq 2 Title Sequence from the original "Robocop" feature.

Execution includes title design, motion control photography and optical composite.

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title seq 3 Title Sequence from Tim Burton's "Beetle Juice"

Main title card designed by Pablo Ferro. Alan Munro was the visual effect supervisor. VCE responsible for look and execution of credits, along with miniature motion control photography and composite.
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title seq 4 Title Sequence from Alex Cox's "Searchers 2.0"

Title design, match movement integration with backgrounds and compositing by Peter Kuran/VCE

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title seq 5 Title Sequence from the Rutger Hauer film "Blind Fury."

Title design, and compositing by Peter Kuran/VCE

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