Music Licensing

Trinity & Beyond

Music from "Trinity and Beyond" is available for licensing to advertising, television programs, movies, and new media. Epic, full bodied orchestral music. Our music has been used in motion pictures, promotional or theatrical campaigns for "X Men 2," "The Simpsons Movie," "Family Guy," and "XXX."

If you would like to receive a quote for licensing our music, please contact us during business hours 9am to 5pm Pacific Time at 360 828-1459.

Samples of available music:

The George Device

Christmas Island Tests

Thor Missiles

China Gets The Bomb

Trinity Mix

Additional Music Available for Download:

Song Title (running time) Description
Monument Site/ 100 Tons of TNT (2:56) Mounting Fury in style of Goldsmith's "Poltergeist." Epic, Dramatic
Newsreel (2:42) "Citizen Kane" style newsreel music
Fat Man and Littleboy (1:49) Forbidding, dramatic
Hiroshima / Nagasaki Requiem (3:30) Epic Adventure. Reminiscent of "Conan the Barbarian"
Operation Crossroads (1:17) Epic Adventure. Reminiscent of "Victory at Sea"
Armada Annihilation (2:07) Demented March. Similar to Wojciech Kilar's "Dracula"
Deus Vult (2:17) Mysterious
Nautical Graveyard (1:58) Solemn, sad
Operation Sandstone (2:21) Whimsical, Mysterious and ominous
Improved Stockpile Bomb (1:07) Similar to Island Trek from Herrmann's "Mysterious Island"
Russia Gets the Bomb (1:05) Epic Russian in the style of Prokofiev's "Ivan the Terrible"
Operation Ranger Able (2:22) Bold, brassy, uplifting, heroic and Patriotic
Operation Greenhouse (1:09) Determined, Intrigue, Expectation
Boosting with Tritium (:48) solemn, sad but haunting
The George Device (1:55) Determined, Strong Choral ending
The Atomic Cannon (2:32) Patriotic, Whimsical yet haunting, building to solemn ending
Castle Bravo (3:39) whimsical intrigue building to Powerful Choral arrangement
Operation Wigwam (1:28) Trek Music in the style of Goldsmith's "Planet of the Apes"
Cherokee Deliverable H-Bomb (1:58) haunting with powerful sting
The Hood Device (2:48) Epic, dark Suspense building. Reminiscent of Holsts' "The Planets"
Operation Hardtack - Teak and Orange (3:20) solemn, determined, building to strong action ending
Russian Monster Bomb (1:41) delicate suspense culminating in Epic Russian Adventure
Operation Dominic (1:29) solemn, haunting and ominous
Christmas Island Tests (2:17) Beautiful and Heavenly, ethereal Choral ending
Thor Missiles (2:48) peaceful to exciting; second half reminiscent to Young's "Hellraiser"
China Gets the Bomb (3:16) Chinese style whimsical; ending in Epic Adventure. Reminiscent of "Conan the Barbarian"