About VCE Films

Peter Kuran, VCE Films

VCE Films has become a leader of visual imaging in motion picture production, licensing, visual effects, motion picture title sequences and image restoration. VCE is a provider of services to the Motion Picture Industry, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy as well as producers of television programs and documentaries.

VCE's primary mission is the continued development of special techniques for digital and photochemical image creation, manipulation, duplication and restoration. The depth and breadth of our unique experience and expertise is unparalleled and has culminated in a Scientific and Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for a special color restoration process.

After completing his work assignment as animation supervisor for Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) on George Lucas' The Empire Strikes Back, Peter Kuran created VCE (Visual Concept Entertainment), developing it as a leader of visual imaging in motion picture production, licensing, visual effects and image restoration.

Since then, Peter and VCE Films have worked on over 300 theatrical motion pictures including “Empire Strikes Back,” “Return of the Jedi,” both "Addams Family" films and all three "Robocop" features. VCE Films work has been seen in "Men In Black," "Starship Troopers," "Thirteen Days," "A Beautiful Mind," "X-Men 2" and "The Last Samurai." VCE Films most recent work includes "The Company Men," "August: Osage County," and continuing on the Amazon series "BOSCH."

As a filmmaker, Peter has produced five documentaries on the subject of Atomic history, weapons and testing. Beginning in 1995, Peter produced and directed the award winning film "Trinity and Beyond (the Atomic Bomb Movie)" and has since produced "Atomic Filmmakers", "Atomic Journeys", "Nukes in Space" and "Nuclear 911."